Every Moment Counts.

Moonlight festival is excited to announce the first film to be showcased in our up and coming charity film festival for Cancer Council on the 25th of May 2019.

Robert Plaza’s, ‘Every Moment Counts’. This film was produced in 2018 and later premiered on the Gold Coast in September 2018. The film which was created under Cine Flare Media has now been released on Vimeo ‘On Demand’ which link has been attached at the bottom of this page.

The Review…

Robert’s craft for film is genius and in this film, his talent as a director, cinematographer, writer, and producer has been expertly reflected in this short film. ‘Every Moment Counts’ reflects the dark struggle of terminal cancer treatment. Which handles the dark themes that are as a result of the issues that cancer patients experience. The film slowly builds up to a dramatic climax with a jaw-dropping plot twist near the end of the film.

‘Every Moment Counts’, builds out the main character that you follow along with her journey. The other characters in this film are only in the film for a subtle amount of time and aren’t entirely built for their small appearances in this short film. Although in regards to that one issue, this film had a lot of ground to cover in a 15-minute sequence and has an absolutely incredible storyline that won’t disappoint. This film is a much watch.

A Screen Grab from ‘Every Moment Counts’, by Robert Plaza.

Not only is the storyline a work of art, so is the cinematography. This film utilized the power of an Arri Alexa and the incredible passionate work or Robert. The gallery that is at the bottom of this post tells it all. Every single shot told the story that needed to be told elegantly and makes your eyes at rest watching all the shots unfold in front of your eyes.

All in all this film captured the emotions and dark themes that this film is based upon perfectly. The smart jaw-dropping plot twist and climax really set this film up as an absolute must watch, because in this film, Every Moment Counts.

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