About Us

The ‘Moonlight Festival’ is an annual film festival with an aim to give a platform to passionate and incredible filmmakers and creators who are unknown.

The festival is an outdoor venue based on Macleay Island, QLD. With one big screen and incredible sound, the aim for this festival is to celebrate the passionate filmmakers and the movie ‘go-ers’. Its an awesome night with a selection of freshly cooked food drinks and a bunch of people who love to watch movies. 

But we’re not just a film festival. We are a platform for students and anyone trying to break into the film industry. Our goal is to provide up and coming filmmakers with useful resources and to provide a common ground for filmmakers alike to create and be original. 

Us at moonlight, in fact, are also up and coming filmmakers, so we know what its like to be a filmmaker that isn’t in the spotlight and struggling to break into the industry. 

At the same time while promoting other filmmakers we are also planning our annual charity film festival. We see this more as an opportunity to celebrate the individuals and the creators alike. As well as the festival supporting a great cause. 

This year in May 2019, we are hosting our first festival for Moonlight. Our chosen charity that we are partnering with is Cancer Council Australia. Cancer is a major issue in the world and is rising to be the highest cause of death in many countries. At Moonlight, we understand the pain and suffering that patients and families have to go through. 

Us at Moonlight have witnessed first-hand family members and loved ones suffering from cancer. So we decided to do something about it. We have an absolute passion for film, stories, and creativity, and we also want to do something about cancer. So why not team up with an organization that helps existing patients with cancer and provides to research for development and cures. 

During the event, all the proceeds and donations will be donated to the Cancer Council Foundation, Australia. Donations can be accepted online, (link is down below).